White Label Webinar
White Label Webinar
White Label Webinar
White Label Webinar

White Label Webinar

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How would a white labelled webinar help you bring in more leads and close more sales?   

A really good way to sell your offer is to use what's called a webinar.

What's even better, a webinar that allows you to be 99% hands off!

When selling your offers, you make sales pitches...

Sales pitches over and over and over again...

Often after your sales pitch, do you ever catch yourself saying "damn, I wish I also mentioned this"?

Well, a webinar is pretty much a perfected sales pitch that does the heavy lifting for you!

It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, 2am or 11pm, your webinar is working around the clock to educate your audience before they book a call with you...

The webinar breaks down their current beliefs about the process

"The lies often told"!

Then it educates them on the foundations...

Through the scoring models & the difference between them

It then educates them about their score and reports

They learn about inquiries, hard soft, when they are applied

....and Much Much More
The call to action is to book a free consultation:

"Below, you'll see a button to book a free consultation.

This free consultation provides us a chance to analyze and understand your unique situation, and go over your report together.

By going over the report together, we can determine if you're eligible, and if you are, we'll provide you with the best action plan based on what's being reported on your report.

It will only take about 15 minutes and you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have concerning your report."

This 26 minute webinar is 100% white labelled

The webinar will sit on your own domain - so your clients will be going to your domain or subdomain to access the webinar