White Label How To Read A Report Academy

White Label How To Read A Report Academy

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How would the ability to offer a DIY Academy change your business?   

A really good offer to have in your bag is a DIY How To Read A Report offer

A better offer is when it's 99% hands off for you!

If you’re not bonded in every state yet & want a way to expand beyond your state, you can do so with a DIY...

DIY means Do It Yourself...

Statistically speaking, only 8% of people buy from you the first time

But that number shoots up to 70% more likely to buy from you again after that first transaction!!

DIY can be a great entry level offer because it offers you an opportunity to upsell them into your other services after they purchase from you...

This academy is 100% white labelled

The DIY course will sit on your own domain - so your clients will be going to your domain or subdomain to log into the academy

We will embed your logo and branding colours directly into the videos

After purchase, you will receive a document that will ask for your logo, your affilaite link, your domain, which one of our models you'd like to use etc
Please fill it out as soon as you're able to and we will get started

This will take 5 business days to deliver back to your company!