Cease & Desist Kit

Cease & Desist Kit

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Sales funnels are the best way to sell anything on the internet!

We allow you to white label this sales funnel so that you can start making money in your business

Sometimes your leads and prospects may not want credit repair, but may just need a letter to send off to the credit bureaus or creditors

This is the perfect offer to bring in a new client that only needs a letter to send to the credit bureau...

We advise to price this letter anywhere from $5-$15

The reason is simple!

You want it to be a no brainer purchase for your leads and prospects

After the get a result with this letter, guess what?

They're going to sign up for your other offerings because you already helped them get a result!

So let's say you sold it for $30

This means that if they upgrade and opt for you to do credit repair for them, and your enrolment fee is $100, you're now making $130 in revenue for your business

Would you rather that? Or just the $100 in revenue?

White label this sales funnel for your company

We brand it with your logo

We place it on your domain

We even give you the letter!

This takes us 5-7 business days to complete for you