Budget Plan Academy
Budget Plan Academy
Budget Plan Academy
Budget Plan Academy
Budget Plan Academy

Budget Plan Academy

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Imagine the potential of adding a budgeting to your services without having to do the work.

We're here to offer you a 99% hands-off solution!

This DIY budgeting program is a choice many of your potential customers prefer due to the privacy it offers.

They can work on their budget without having to share their income and expenses.

They no longer need to feel embarassed sharing their financial situations with others.

Let's talk numbers - statistically, only 8% of people make a purchase from you the first time around.

But with offering something like a Budgeting Academy, that number skyrockets to a 70% likelihood of repeat business after the initial transaction!

The Budgeting Academy serves as an ideal entry-level offer to get a new customer for your business.

Not only does it provide an excellent learning opportunity, but it also opens the door to upselling your other services once your clients have experienced its value.

Here's the best part...

Our Budgeting Academy is 100% white-labeled, ensuring your brand takes center stage.

Your clients will access the course on your very own domain or subdomain, maintaining a seamless white label experience.

We'll go the extra mile by embedding your logo and branding colors directly into the video content, maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout.

After you purchase, you'll receive a configuration document to customize your academy with your company branding.

Once you fill it out, we'll take care of the rest to build it and deliver it back to you within 5-7 business days.